Why Work With Us?


We're Justin and Amanda Weinraub, the husband and wife team behind Thriving Business Owner.

We didn't necessarily "intend" to get into the business of helping people improve their digital presence through web design and social media management.

We were both running our own successful (but separate) businesses. We learned how to create our own sites and we learned what worked and what didn't work when it came to marketing and social media.

Soon, we had people asking us to create for them the same kind of sites and digital marketing strategies we did for ourselves. Guess what? We liked it, and we enjoyed working together. In fact, we have very complimentary skills.

Our philosophy is simple. We know what small business owners are experiencing, so we bring a results-focused approach to every project.

We want to give your digital presence a makeover, but we aren't just focused on design. Yes, our site design and our social media graphics work is high-quality, but more than that, we bring a business and marketing mindset to the table.

We believe it's imperative to understand what separates you from your competitors and then it's essential to be able to communicate that in terms your potential clients will be drawn to. We help you get clear on your messaging, your call to action, your look/feel, and your marketing.

We truly care about your success. We're not out to "sell" you something and move on. We want to develop a long-term relationship with you and we want to always be trying new strategies and evolving with the times.

We both believe in working with integrity and we know that if you succeed, we succeed. We also work hard to be excellent communicators.

Plus, we are very affordable! While your digital presence is extremely important, and it's not something you should "cheap out" on, we also know how important it is for small business owners to control costs.

~ If we sound like your kind of people, we'd love speak with you!

You can contact us, or (even better) you can setup a free "discovery call" with us.

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