Here are some examples of some recent sites we've worked on.

And, please understand that we can create pretty much anything you are looking for. So, please let us know if you have a certain type of design in mind.

United Tae Kwon Do of Chapel Hill & Winston-Salem

This site was outdated, wasn't mobile friendly, wasn't search engine friendly, and didn't have the right messaging or call-to-action to attract their target clients.

This is a really great Tae Kwon Do academy, but their messaging and site organization didn't make that clear enough.

The redesign focused on improving the messaging, the design, the technical back-end, and the organization of the site to make it much more user friendly and effective.

Additionally, this business knows when they get people to come in and do a trial they'll be impressed and likely become members. So, we focused heavily on driving site visitors to a special trial offer to increase leads. And, because this business is so well rated by members, we put a heavy focus on reviews and testimonials.

Tana's Wellness Spa of Carlsbad, CA

This site was very outdated, having not been updated in years. Plus, it was confusing to the viewer. We focused on a refreshed and modern look that was also mobile and search engine friendly.

We also focused on simplifying the user experience. Tana is so talented, and offers so many different services. That's a good thing, but it can be overwhelming to a site visitor.

So, we made it easier to find the type of service a client might want and then made it simpler for them to drill down until they could get exactly what they wanted.

We also determined that the majority of Tana's first time clients came in for either a massage or a facial. Once they experienced her quality care, they would usually keep coming back and trying new services. But, we focused the call-to-action on getting people to book a massage or facial at first.

We also put a heavy focus on reviews and testimonials, since Tana is so well-loved by her clients and they have such nice things to say. Social proof is a wonderful strategy to shine a light on for a business.

Cavapoo Kennels of Western New York

This site was also outdated and wouldn't really work on mobile devices. Plus, it didn't come close to conveying the quality and special care that this amazing breeder provided.

So, we focused on several things with this site.

First, with the messaging, we made it clear how this breeder was different than most. They do an amazing job of caring for their puppies and they focus on health, wellness, and proper socialization.

Second, we focused a great deal on educating the viewer on this specific breed, how this breeder ran their operation, and what a potential client needed to understand before making their investment.

Third, puppies are really cute! So, we went really heavy with cute puppy photos. That draws an emotional attachment with the viewer.

Fourth, because this business has an enormous number of positive reviews online, we placed a heavy focus on social proof.

Finally, we did a lot of work on making this site mobile-friendly and search engine friendly. The site is ready for the 2020s.

Pure Love Pet Sitting of Cary, NC

There were several key components of this site.

The main goal was in the messaging. This is a high-end professional pet sitting company who is targeting clients who really love their pets and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they're cared for properly.

So, we went with a tagline of "Adored by Pets. Trusted by their People." This conveyed the feeling of great pet care and also great customer service.

We also focused on trying to build a idea of "who this was for" as it isn't for every pet owner. Some pet owners are willing to hire a neighborhood kid or they're willing to put them in a kennel. That was not the target market for this business. This business wanted to appeal to people who treated their pets like part of the family.

We also wanted to make it easy for prospective clients to ask questions, as most clients had specific questions before they would book. We wanted to them to reach out via text, phone, email, or social.

We also built a back-end platform for current clients to schedule care, get updates, and much more.

The site owner reports many people comment on how much they "connected" with her website and how it was the reason they reached out in the first place.

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