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5 Steps To Creating Unstoppable Momentum In Your Business

Whether you're just starting out or whether you want to take an already-established business to the next level, it's so important to get the "wind at your back" so to speak. You want that feeling where things are happening and the pieces are all falling into place.

The great news is that doesn't have be be random or about good luck. There are some steps you can take to get real momentum in your business.

Let's get started!

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Know Where You Are

You have to know where you are in order to get where you want to go. It's a common-sense idea, of course, but the key is to very honest and self-aware about your business.

Among the questions you'll want to consider:

Where are you in the life-cycle of a business? Just starting out? Ready to get to the next level? Declining and needing to re-invigorate things?

What are your numbers? Think about your average sale size, the leads needed to generate a sale, how many sales you're making, how many sales you want to make. This is just a start, but get clear on your numbers.

What are your strengths as a person and as a company? Weaknesses? Think about whether you should double down on your strengths and passions or whether you need to make some improvement in weak spots.


Know Where You Want To Go

Again, this is common sense, but you need to get clear about your vision. This step is often missed, as we are all so often busy keeping up with our daily tasks that we forget to take time to reflect and become clear about what we actually want. 

Again, this is common sense, but you need to get clear about your vision. This step is often missed, as we are all so often busy keeping up with our daily tasks that we forget to take time to reflect and become clear about what we actually want.

What do you want your business to be like? How much money do you want to make? How many hours do you want to work? Do you want to be able to take multiple vacations each year? Do you want to sell your business someday? Do you want to hire someone to run your day-to-day operations, so you can work on your business instead of 'in' your business? What do you need to get from this business? And so on...

We are big believers in high-leverage opportunities, and taking a few minutes (or even better an hour) to gain some clarity and write all of this out is a great usage of time. It's going to help you better spend your time and resources going forward.


Know Why You Want What You Want

This is a very important step that usually goes completely overlooked.

You HAVE TO identify why you want what you want because that is what will help you stay focused when things get a little tough. Your 'why' is what actually fuels you when the willpower runs out.

You also have to dig a little deeper than "I want to be more successful" or "I want more money."  The key is to get clear about why you want it.

For example, "I want to make more money in my life to be able to provide for my family" or "I want to make more money because I want more time freedom and I want to travel more."  

Here's a simple tip:  After you write out a goal, add "because..." and then finish the sentence.  

For example, "I want to increase my monthly income by $5,000 because it will allow me to:______________________________ and that will make me feel_____________________________."

I personally have a goal to get fit and tone my body because I want to be able to play with my kids easily, I want to be able to wear cuter clothes, and I want to feel vibrant and sexy.

Whether your goal is to get healthy, make more money, spend more time on the things you love, or anything else, it's extremely helpful to get clear and know why.


Map Out A Simple Action Plan

I like the word map, because if you hit traffic or another roadblock, you can change your course. A map is flexible. There are a lot of ways to get from New York to California and your plan should reflect the same flexibility. 

Be as specific as possible when writing out your business map and define what action steps you will take each day to achieve your goals. Success is inevitable when you do this.


Create The Right Mindset

This is the most important step of all! It is crucial to have the right mindset when setting out on a new path. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have and you can use that tool to empower you or dis-empower you. 

I've done extensive work on my own mindset and I can tell you it has been the best time and money I've ever spent.

The reason most people don't grow their business, or lose weight, or whatever their goal may be, is that they don't change their thoughts. "Oh, I'll just have that cookie" or "oh, I don't really need to know my numbers" or "I don't really need to update my website," etc, etc.

After consulting and working with numerous business owners across North America, it's so easy to see the patterns. Those who change the way they think change their direction in life. Those who don't continue down the same path and let obstacle after obstacle stop them. They self sabotage and let their limiting beliefs, fear, and doubt stop them from making empowering decisions in their life.

It is possible, however, to overcome your fear, your doubt, and your limiting beliefs through awareness, determination, coaching, training, and learning new skills. 

In order to start creating the right mindset, begin to be aware of what you say to yourself. Are you focused on opportunities or do you see limitations? Do you tend to come up with reasons something won't work? Start to become aware of what you are thinking. I've had to overcome a lot of limiting beliefs in my life and I am so grateful I have. My life is richer and I experience more happiness and gratitude than I ever have before.

In order to really create the right mindset in relationship to your business, I suggest sitting down now (or as soon as you have the opportunity) to go through these 5 steps. (Wait, has that little voice kicked in already and said, "Oh I don't have time or I will do this later?") Get aware of that little voice! 

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